Kami Kit

See how I created an educational origami-based brand.


Learn to Fold, Fold to Learn.

Originating from the Japanese word Kami, meaning paper, Kami Kit is a company dedicated to providing children with enjoyable learning experiences through the power of origami. By providing comprehensive kits with a wide range of subjects ranging from team building to mathematics, Kami Kit strives to make learning a fun activity for children and inspire new generations of creative minds for years to come.

Logo Design

The Kami Kit logo is the face of the brand and represents the mission of providing comprehensive learning experiences to children all around the world.

The Kami Kit symbol represents the three core values of approachability, education, and entertainment, each represented by a sheet in the stack of papers. It also symbolizes the unique three tiered packaging that kids love. It may be displayed by itself on company material.

For third party applications such as press releases and other material managed by other companies, using the combination mark is required to aid in brand awareness. The landscape ortiented mark is to be used where more horizontal space is available.

The portrait oriented Kami Kit mark is also best used for third party applications. It should be used when the application space is vertically oriented.


Opening Kami Kit’s packaging is an experience in itself. Although the exterior packaging is quite subtle, upon opening the outer shell children are greeted with a vibrant and eccentric interior with a unique three-tiered design. The goal is to make the unboxing experience as exciting and fun as possible for children.

Website Design

The Kami Kit website is an essential part of the Kami Kit company. Its where parents and educators are introduced to our products, and it’s the primary point of sale for our educational kits.

For this project, I created prototypes for three different pages: the homepage, an about us page, and the store page.

Feel free to scroll through and explore. (F for fullscreen)

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